Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Across The Universe - Total Solar Lunar Eclipse

Total Solar Lunar Eclipse:

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2018 February 9

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This digitally processed and composited picture
creatively compares two famous eclipses in one;
the total lunar eclipse (left)
of January 31,
and the total solar eclipse
of August 21,

The Moon appears near mid-totality in both the back-to-back total eclipses.

the lunar eclipse
, its surface remains faintly illuminated in Earth's
dark reddened shadow.

But in the solar eclipse the Moon is in silhouette
against the Sun's bright disk, where
the otherwise dark lunar surface is just visible due to

Also seen in the lunar-aligned image pair
are faint stars in the night sky surrounding the eclipsed Moon.

Stunning details of prominences and coronal streamers surround
the eclipsed Sun.

The total phase of the Great American Eclipse of August 21 lasted
about 2 minutes
or less for locations along the Moon's shadow path.

From planet Earth's night side, totality for the Super Blue Blood Moon
of January 31 lasted
well over an hour.